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People´s C-Office:

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Hangar Space

Station your aircraft in Altenrhein.

The People’s Business Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein is the ideal place to station your aircraft. Our hangars A1-A3 as well as the C-hangars C1-C5 offer more than enough space to hangar your aircraft in a secure environment. Depending on availability, aircraft parking on short notice may be available, especially during snowfall, storms, or other bad weather conditions. Our C5 hangar offers space for aircraft up to the size of a Gulfstream G5.

In addition to aircraft hangars, longterm outside parking is always available.


We would be happy to send you an individual quote, customized to your wishes and requirements.

Interested? Come visit us for a complete picture of our facilities.


25% discount on all hangar parking fees from 1st of May - 31st of November 2017

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